RodFLAT punching and cutting machine

The RodFLAT, a busbar punching and cutting machine, is an energy-efficient, high-accuracy punching and cutting machine featuring servo-electric punching technology combined with linear motor flat bar feeding. The technical solutions of the machine provide high production efficiency. The modular design concept provides a wide range of automation alternatives for meeting specific needs of modern busbar manufacturing.

    Main features of servo-electric RodFLAT busbar punching and cutting machine:

  • Servo-electric flat bar punch press, maximum ram force 550kN
  • Flat bar width 10 - 260 mm and thickness 3 - 20 mm
  • Tool magazine for 9 fully configurable stations, up-to 24 tools
  • Automatic tool lubrication
  • Rodstein CNC-system built on Beckhoff open-control platform
  • Beckhoff AC-servo-drives and motors
  • Fully adjustable punch depth control
  • Graphical user interface with Windows® touch screen operation
  • USB port and Ethernet connection for program transfer
  • Fixed loading table
  • Unloading conveyor
  • Teleservice
  • CE safety approved

    You can increase RodFLAT productivity with versatile options to complete processing for copper and aluminum busbar manufacturing. Rodstein offer these intelligent productivity-enhancing options:

  • RodLEAN package to ensure high utilization of the equipment's
  • Additional tool magazine to shorten set-up time
  • Barcode reader and software for easy and reliable tool management
  • Loading device with 450mm raw material stock for unmanned production
  • Tapping
  • Part marking
  • Automatic scrap sorting
  • Additional clamp package

    Technical specification:

  • Control: Rodstein NC- software build on Beckhoff open-control platform
  • Servo drives and motors: Beckhoff

  • Punching force: 550kN
  • Punching system: Servo-electric
  • Punching hit rate max.: 200 hpm

  • Flat bar dimensions:
  • - width 15 -260mm
  • - thickness 3 -20mm
  • - length (standard) 50-4000mm (optional even longer)

  • Feeding speed: 2.2 m/s
  • Feeding acceleration: 8 m/s2

  • Feeding length:
  • - without re-positioning 1250mm
  • - with re-positioning unlimited

  • Accuracy: 0.1mm / 1000mm
  • Tooling capacity max.: 24 pc of B-size Thick turret

RodFORM, a new level in bending productivity

For fast set-up changes, the new-generation RodFORM bending machine features automatic change of four tools, which contributes significantly to overall flat bar processing productivity. Four tools provide sufficient versatility for most manufacturing tasks.
The Axes are servo-operated and NC controlled for high operation speed, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirement. The RodFORM tooling system is unequalled in versatility and flexibility, adding to cost efficiency. Large tooling capacity, automatic tool change and low energy consumption sharpen the competitive edge needed in the LEAN busbar processing market.

    Productive features:

  • Modern easy-to-use touch screen operator interface.
  • Automatic bending angle verification and correction based on machine vision.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Low maintenance requirement.
  • Flexibly customizable tool turret
  • Optional robot integration with the punching machine for automatic processing of flat bar into a finished product.

    Technical data

  • Control Rodstein NC- software build on Beckhoff open-control platform
  • Servo drives and motors: Beckhoff
  • Bending force 400 kN

  • Flat bar dimensions
  • Normal
  • - Width 15 — 260 mm
  • - Thickness 3 — 20 mm
  • Upright
  • - Width 15 — 160 mm
  • - Thickness 3 — 10 mm
  • Edgewise
  • - Width (max.) 120 mm
  • - Thickness (max.) 10 mm

  • Stroke max. 350 mm

  • Feeding speed
  • - Positioning 20 mm/s
  • - During bending 10 mm/s
  • - Feeding acceleration 8 m/s²
  • - Accuracy ±0.2°